Ten highlights from 2021, our 10th anniversary year

First published:
February 1, 2022
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For 10 years we have been part of a movement to help people live longer, fuller lives. With our partners, we enabled some of the world’s largest projects across healthcare, research and life sciences. See 10 highlights from 2021 below.

1. Expanding ‘hospital at home’ internationally

We are the leading digital health company powering national ‘hospital at home’ projects across the UK, Germany and UAE with expansion in India, France and Saudi Arabia in 2022, reaching thousands of hospitals and clinics.

2. Going global with Software as a Medical Device in life science partnerships

Our software is already used internationally by companies like Bayer, Johnson & Johnson and Smith+Nephew and others to support musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, diabetes, perioperative and surgery patients and it will soon be used all over the world. In March last year, we partnered with Smith + Nephew to launch our software for orthopaedic surgery. It helps prepare patients, optimise outcomes, mitigate late cancellations and reduce readmissions.

3. Keeping large scale clinical research going through the pandemic

Researchers remotely ran clinical trials with our DCT platform, including one of the largest decentralised vaccine trials and the largest ever population-based app study. This Fenland covid-19 study, with the University of Cambridge, saw the collection of 640,533 person days of data. Conducting decentralized clinical trials (DCT) can accelerate participant recruitment and drug development by enabling more diverse people to take part in research.

4. Winning ‘pharma’s Nobel Prize’, the Prix Galien USA Award for Best Digital Health Product

We’re incredibly proud of our team for winning ‘pharma’s Nobel Prize’, the 2021 Prix Galien Award for Best Digital Health Product for powering digital-first care and research with our ‘hospital at home’ and decentralized clinical trial platform.

5. Receiving The Most Important Healthcare Design of 2021 by FastCompany recognition

Patient and user happiness matters to us, so we were honoured to be selected as a finalist in The Most Important Healthcare Design of 2021 by FastCompany. We aim to combine medicine, technology and art to create products that offer people a delightful experience. This is what drives the high levels of engagement and adherence from the 2.4m users across all our offerings.

6. Doubling clinical capacity and delighting patients

In 2021, our hospital at home platform almost doubled clinical capacity and reduced hospital readmissions by 36%, enabling clinicians to care for more patients while keeping those who do not need to be in hospital safe at home. At the same time, we were delighting patients such as this one who said “it’s the most valuable app I have on my phone”.

7. Delivering at scale, in record time

We deployed our ‘hospital at home’ technology across 100 clinics in Germany in a single day. In less than a month, we went live across the UK and Germany with national-level ‘hospital at home’ projects. Within six weeks, we launched a platform for an atrial fibrillation trial with Bayer and Stanford Medicine. In ten weeks, we built a consumer cardiovascular disease product with a top-10 pharma and launched a large-scale usability trial. In less than three months, we developed, launched and recruited patients for one of the world’s largest decentralised clinical trials using our DCT platform.

8. We are driven by science and our research was covered by more than 2,000 news outlets around the world

Our talented researchers had their work published in the Nature Portfolio journal Scientific Reports, JAMIA Open and European Heart Journal - Digital Health in 2021. In November, our 88,000-participant real-world data study on the relationship between sleep and cardiovascular disease was published by the European Society of Cardiology and reported by more than 2,000 major news outlets around the world.

9. Strengthened our regulatory and data compliance and infrastructure to be able to launch globally

We built a technology platform that is cloud, device, disease and region-agnostic. In 2021, we maintained our ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 27001:2013 certifications for medical devices and data security, and achieved compliance to the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 for electronic records for our DCT product. We are registered with the Medicines and Healthcare Product Regulatory Agency and EU as a Medical Device and registered on NHS Digital’s Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DPST).

10. Raising $130 million investment with major investors

In May 2021, we announced our new partners, Leaps by Bayer, Hitachi Ventures, Samsung Next, Sony Innovation Fund, Unilever Ventures, HAT SGR and more, for our $130m Series C funding round. The investment is helping to scale our modular ‘hospital at home’ and decentralized clinical trial platform.

Please join our journey as we accelerate the adoption of digital-first delivery of care and research. If you have an idea and want to work with us to help people live longer, fuller lives at a global scale, then we would be happy to help on We look forward to sharing more news and milestones as we continue to expand this year.