The world’s #1 digital program for diabetes in pregnancy

Over 100,000 pregnancies have been managed
with GDm-Health

Diabetes in pregnancy puts mothers and babies at risk. GDm-Health can help.

Gestational diabetes is on the rise globally, and is linked to a wide range of complications in for mom and baby in the short and long-term. Half of all women with gestational diabetes will go on to develop type 2 diabetes. GDm-Health was designed to help improve outcomes for women with gestational diabetes and reduce the overall cost of care.

The GDm-Health program has been proven to achive:


Fewer appointments with diabetes specialists


Fewer premature births among women with gestational diabetes


Fewer Caesarean sections among women with gestational diabetes


Patient and clinician satisfaction

In the UK, GDm-Health is used across 64 NHS trusts. Over half of all women with gestational diabetes in the UK are on GDm-Health

GDm-Health was co-developed with a team of researchers at Oxford University and has been evaluated in a randomised controlled trial and multiple real-world evidence studies

How it works

Patient app

Patients use a Bluetooth-connected blood glucose meter and log on to the GDm-Health app (iOS, Android) and to track their blood glucose readings.

Clinician portal

Care teams use the web-based portal to design care pathways for patients with gestational diabetes, monitor their blood glucose readings in real time and identify those who need care escalation.

Patients using GDm-Health have faster treatment optimisation and are less likely to require medication.

Our data


number of NHS Trusts using GDm-Health


Cumulative total of patients since August 2018


Patient users each month


Clinician users every month


Women who use GDm-Health until delivery

Research library

Randomised controlled trial, Oxford University (n=203)

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Service evaluation at Royal Surrey County Hospital

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“ The GDm-Health system has helped to transform the way we deliver care for women with diabetes in pregnancy”

Rachel Crowley, Former Diabetes Specialist Midwife, Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust

Reducing health inequalities throught digital intervention

Gestational diabetes is deeply connected to socioeconomic and racial disparities in health: the GDm-Health platform can help to bridge the gap in maternal health outcomes by enhancing access to care.

A scalable approach to maternal care

GDm-Health makes high quality maternal care scalable by enabling clinical teams to review patients’ blood sugar in real-time: reducing unnecessary trips to the hospital and enabling those at risk to be managed closely.