Optical Power Modulation
Method for sensing an arterial pulse (28 granted, 2 published, 1 pending)
Unified Computational Model
A method to unify several physiology and psychology data variables into an overall mental wellbeing score. (Pending)
Biometric-Music Interaction Methods and Systems
A method and systems to create sonification of biological signals for user interaction purposes. (Granted)
Neurodegeneration Monitoring
Monitoring the change in a neurodegenerative disease in a user (Pending)
Biomechanical Training System
Method for biomechanical training of a user (Pending)
Heart Beat Detection in a Noisy PPG Signal
A method to exploit the shape of PPG data from bands affected by motion artifacts. (Pending)
Visual Impairment Apparatus
Monitoring the progression of visual impairment in a user (Pending)
Fitting Generic Periodic Data
A method to fit HR data to the expected shape of the circadian rhythm. (Pending)

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