Pharma and digital health must join forces for patients

First published:
June 9, 2022
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Dan Vahdat

‘We believe that when you connect patients with clinicians and share their data in real-time, then magic happens.’

This shared belief in the power of digital health solutions to impact clinical outcomes led to our most exciting partnership to date with one of the largest biopharmaceutical companies, AstraZeneca.

Earlier this year, we announced our acquisition of AstraZeneca’s AMAZE™ platform to accelerate innovation for digital-first patient care and research. Huma’s track record of scaling digital innovation combined with the pioneering leadership, global-reach and deep medical knowledge of AstraZeneca has set the stage for this important collaboration and is part of a new trend across the sector.

With more than 50 pharma and digital health deals reported in 20211, companies are starting to recognise the value of collaboration for digital innovation. At Huma, we’ve known this from the start, partnering with leaders across healthcare, life sciences, research and technology over the last decade. To deliver digital solutions at scale we need buy-in from key players across the health ecosystem, and most importantly, patients. Seeing how AstraZeneca prioritised patients over the years, including offering their COVID-19 vaccine not-for-profit during the pandemic, there’s no doubt that their values align with our own. By combining our digital knowledge with their clinical expertise we hope to use the power of connected devices and software to bring better treatments to patients and inspire others to join our movement towards digital-first care and research.

The facts are clear – expectations for healthcare have shifted as patients become increasingly aware that health does not begin and end in the clinic. Ninety-five percent of clinical care for chronic patients happens outside the clinic2, putting patients in charge of their own health on a daily basis. Our technology reflects this by ensuring that in our always-on world, patients can manage their condition and easily connect with clinicians through a smartphone, essentially creating a hospital in their pocket.

At Huma, our unified platform provides innovators like AstraZeneca with the tools they need to address fundamental questions and make sense of the answers. From helping to decentralize the clinical trial process, opening studies to a broader and more diverse set of participants while increasing engagement, to allowing patients to engage directly with healthcare providers and flag potential adverse events. We connect health to life with seamless remote patient monitoring that collects data and translates it into real-world evidence, providing a digital fingerprint of health and disease.

With one platform, we can create a world of insights that will drive us towards a future where the right patient receives the right treatment, at the right time, helping people to live longer, fuller lives.


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