Huma announces US expansion

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January 27, 2021
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Ed Sykes

LONDON and NEW YORK, Jan. 27, 2021

Huma is a digital health company that has distinguished itself during Covid-19 with large-scale, national deployments of 'hospitals at home' in the UK's NHS, Germany and UAE that can double clinical capacity for patients.

The company is driving a digital revolution in care and research, and its technology supports virtual clinical trials, remote patient monitoring, and 'hospitals at home'. A growing library of clinically-validated predictive algorithms and digital biomarkers allows clinicians, patients and researchers to collect huge volumes of data and insights through a smartphone or connected device.

Huma might be the only digital health company with multiple national contracts. The company operates across both care and research, working with universities, contract research organizations (CROs), and life science companies to deliver decentralized clinical trials. In 2020, Huma completed a virtual clinical study for patients with atrial-fibrillation, working with Bayer and Stanford Medicine. All the patients were recruited within a month and the results are awaiting publication.

Huma's services are disease, device, and cloud-agnostic. They are powered through a modular platform that can be configured for rapid deployments to deliver proactive, predictive care. For one of our largest national projects, we delivered this in two weeks.

  • Jessica Federer, US Managing Director, was the former Chief Digital Officer for Bayer A.G., and led the digital transformation of global life sciences across Pharmaceuticals, Crop Science, Consumer Care and Animal Health. Jessica said: "This is the moment where health technology really proves its value for decentralized care and research, moving us closer to the goal of proactive, predictive care. Huma is already working with leading governments and partners to improve care and research. It's time to bring this company to the US so that we can start making a difference for the lives of our families and communities here."
  • Global Head of Artificial Intelligence, Bahman Bahmani, formerly VP of Data Science and Engineering at Rakuten, PhD at Stanford University, added: "Huma's way of working doesn't just add real-time data for an individual, it moves us to continuous data, allowing us to see health trends as they develop in vast datasets. We are building a library of clinically-validated digital biomarkers that offer insights into even more diseases, and by introducing AI to the mix we can create accurate predictive tools that accelerate the move to personalised medicine."
  • US Chief Commercial Officer, Patricia Bradley, former VP of Sales and Marketing for Novo Nordisk bringing 25+ years of experience in product launches, market access and chronic disease management shared: "Patients are at the heart of Huma's work, as it is our vision to help people live longer and fuller lives. The recent pandemic has created a window of opportunity to accelerate positive changes on how healthcare is delivered. Our platform supports researchers, patients and clinicians throughout the process providing real-time data and insights."
  • US Chief Operating Officer Kendyl Schæfer, former VP of Portfolio and Program Management at Sage Therapeutics and Global Head of R&D Program Management at Shire and Sunovion Pharmaceuticals, said: "Huma offers tremendous flexibility in digital interventions. We have partnerships with leading research institutions and life sciences companies, as well as national health systems. We have created a dynamic modular system that can be tailored for our partners' needs so that we can help with a range of diseases and types of care."

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