Educate. Engage. Retain

Keep more patients engaged and in adherence longer with configurable modules that flex to your needs.

Our award-winning user experience design, combined with evidence-based patient education and ongoing communication, result in better adherence to medication and treatment plans and sustained usage of the app over time.

Improve clinical outcomes


adherence and retention rates across our care and research deployments are the result of high engagement rates1


Our platform can almost double clinical capacity and reduce readmission rates by >30%2


lower mortality amongst Huma patients compared with patients not using Huma3


of patients highlighted as deteriorating had operation dates brought forward4


Encourage app usage and increase medication adherence

Huma’s remote patient monitoring software features an easy-to-use patient dashboard with direct access to key metrics and health indicators, helping patients to stay engaged with their plan of care. Our data shows that 99.7% of patients found the Huma app useful5, and 95% of respondents said the app was easy to use.6

The Huma app features a digital blood pressure monitor and other connected devices, as well as a ‘Medications’ module designed specifically to encourage patients to stick to a routine of taking their prescribed medications at the right dosage and time of day. With Huma's EU MDR Class IIb approved and Class II FDA 510(k) cleared platform, we are also able to support higher risk patients, especially those who have challenging medication regimens, to remain motivated and adherent to their care plan.


Support therapy adherence with automated communication

Huma’s software as a medical device platform features clinician-to-patient messaging, application alerts, and notifications, which encourage higher patient engagement and adherence.

Clinicians can schedule telemedicine appointments, have daily check-ins, and make outbound calls directly from the app. The ability to embed smart coaching and educational content tailored to each patient encourages adherence to the plan of care.

Huma helps reduce the burden on healthcare providers and clinics with engaging, automated communication that supports patient preferences and lifestyles.


‘Learn’ module helps build patient knowledge and empowerment

Huma’s evidence-based ‘Learn’ module helps patients understand their specific disease or condition with explainers, videos, FAQs, patient education, dietary guidance, and more.

Smart content can be shared proactively with individual patients based on their inputs to improve disease management and optimise treatment plans.

Regulatory, safety and compliance

CE 0297 icon.
EU MDR 2017/745 Class IIb certified

MHRA registered Medical Device Class IIb

US FDA icon.
21CFR820 US FDA Class II

US Food and Drug Administration Medical Device 510k # K230214

ISO icon.
ISO certifications

ISO 13485: 2016 certified (Medical Devices: Quality Management Systems)

ISO 27001: 2013 certified

Data protection - infosec icon.
Data protection / infosec

Committed to GDPR compliance

NHS Registration on Data Security and Protection Toolkit

CyberEssentials / CyberEssentials Plus

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Adeline Lim, Theresa Hippchen, Inga Unger, Oliver Heinze, Andreas Welker, Hans-Georg Kräusslich, Markus A Weigand, Uta Merle, An Outpatient Management Strategy Using a Coronataxi Digital Early Warning System Reduces Coronavirus Disease 2019 Mortality, Open Forum Infectious Diseases, Volume 9, Issue 4, April 2022, ofac063,


The full report is available on request. Patient feedback based on sample size of 30 responses.