Accurate. Timely. Insightful

Gain insights into device performance and efficacy with the collection of real-world evidence across the care continuum. Patient data can now be presented in a specific way that can help clinicians personalise care.

A platform that scales with your market requirements

Our EU MDR Class IIb regulated platform is the most flexible health data collection platform of its kind, and can scale with your market requirements. With support for more than 60 countries and 10 languages, we enable near real-time, real-world data collection and can deliver RWE in your operating markets worldwide.

Huma clinician app screenshot.
Huma clinician app screenshot.
Huma clinician app screenshot.

Quality insights at an individual and population level

Huma’s platform provides access to aggregated data in one convenient dashboard, including digital data and ePRO. Connected devices capture a range of biomarkers in near real time, ensuring objective data collection with higher accuracy and minimal human error, while data visualisation and overlay tools give clinicians easier ways to uncover patient insights at an individual and population level.

Huma clinician app screenshot.
Huma clinician app screenshot.
Huma clinician app screenshot.

Increase productivity. Reduce backlogs.

Double your clinical capacity1 and cut your elective backlog in half by treating patients across multiple therapeutic areas more efficiently and effectively. Huma’s data-driven platform makes identifying and prioritising at-risk patients easier, which improves patient safety, outcomes, and experience.

Our flexible, modular design allows you to manage multiple therapeutic area waiting lists with a single platform solution and secure additional outsourced clinician resources for face-to-face, virtual, and remote care. Huma enables multiple teams and specialists to review patient data and clinician notes on a unified dashboard for improved clinician collaboration.

Regulatory, safety and compliance

CE 0297 icon.
EU MDR 2017/745 Class IIb certified

MHRA registered Medical Device Class IIb

US FDA icon.
21CFR820 US FDA Class II

US Food and Drug Administration Medical Device 510k # K230214

ISO icon.
ISO certifications

ISO 13485: 2016 certified (Medical Devices: Quality Management Systems)

ISO 27001: 2013 certified

Data protection - infosec icon.
Data protection / infosec

Committed to GDPR compliance

NHS Registration on Data Security and Protection Toolkit

CyberEssentials / CyberEssentials Plus

The ultimate in disease-agnostic, flexible platforms for MedTech

With more than 450 unique deployments to date, Huma’s platform provides companion app solutions across diabetes, heart failure, cardiovascular disease, asthma, and many more therapeutic areas.

Our disease-agnostic platform can flex to individual patient needs and delivers personalised care at scale – even to higher acuity, comorbid patients.

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